R.M. Easdale was founded in 1875 and remains one of the oldest scrap metal merchants in the UK, still independent our family company is now in its fifth generation.

Established originally purchasing non ferrous metal on a small scale we now trade all grades of ferrous and non ferrous metal on a worldwide basis.

We also operate the last secondary aluminium smelter in Scotland with a capacity in excess of 10,000 tonnes per annum.

Cable granulation is also an area that we have invested in. With the latest machinery from Eldan we are the only company in Scotland that can process all grades, including heavily armoured and subsea cable.

Norfran, an aluminium diecasting company allows us to complete the recycling circle for aluminium. We feel that we can offer a unique solution to recycling as we can purchase scrap aluminium and through our own companies can grade, smelt and finally produce a manufactured product all within the UK.

Our Benefits for your Organisation:

  • Simple pricing
  • No joining fee or expensive schemes necessary
  • Full audit trail and documentation (Reports, Certificate of Destruction)
  • All goods picked up by licienced waste carrier
  • Full metal and plastic recycling
  • No landfill or incineration
  • Secure and mechanical destruction of computer hard drives
  • 100% toner cartridge/drum recycling
  • Transfer belt and fuser recycling

Our Group Companies:

  • Norfran Ltd
  • Braehead Metals Ltd
  • Cohen Alloys Ltd
  • S. McIlwraith (Recycling) Ltd